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What People Are Saying

Don, Therapist

As a registered mental health practitioner, I tend to be quite selective about where I turn for guidance and help on my own journey. Becky is someone that I have come to trust, and I unreservedly recommend to others who wish to pursue healing self-discovery, and unlocking the full potential of a life fully lived. I wholeheartedly recommend Becky to those who may have experienced religious trauma, are facing major life changes, those hoping to find relief from repetitive behaviours and destructive patterns and to those who would like to consider their anxiety and depression with a fresh and powerful approach.

Dreamwork Client 

Having worked through several dreams with Becky, I can tell you that she is a skilled and trustworthy guide to help you explore the world of your dreams and what your unconscious self is saying to you -urging you to consider. I can also tell you that the healing rewards of dreamwork as a great as time spent in any other way.


Ieleen, Family Physician

Becky is a highly skilled, wise and intuitive healer who uses many incredible modalities. I have loved it all! I see such a difference- less reactivity; processing old hurts, more energy and more myself! I trust her to accompany me in the hard places. She walks her talk and is passionate about helping us heal.


I have gained a confidence of myself  and in my journey. The experience of reconnecting with the earth has awoken me from a long lonely sleep and brought me back to life and purpose.

Hanna, Educator

"Becky, you have been an amazing guide when I have been emotionally stuck. You have helped me to learn how to be aware of and identify my feelings/pain/tension points in my body as well as recognize the stories I have told myself. When I have experienced overwhelm, felt deeply unsettled, had panic attacks, sleepless nights and didn't know how to support and nurture myself, you gently guided me to a deeper understanding of myself and provided meaningful ways to access the important tools necessary to move towards healing. I am incredibly grateful for your compassion, knowledge, care and guidance."


I started doing this work because pills didn’t help. I couldn’t live the way I was living and it not have negative consequences on my children. It started with “I’ll try this” without really knowing what it was or what to expect or what I was doing. After my first very powerful session, I was so curious to know more about myself and begin my journey to healing.

Alan, Client

"Becky has curated a wide array of tools and approaches to help you isolate and address illusive challenges that have likely been limiting you for a long time. Becky is a great listener, and very fun and funny to work with. She manages to wade into heavy topics with a lightness that makes the journey much, much easier."


I've learned how to self regulate better, I have more compassion and acceptance for myself,  I know how to handle my anxiety and am much better at my self talk. 

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