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Soul-Centric Dreamwork 

Dream research suggests that every night, the average person dreams every 90 minutes, so, according to Jungian Analyst, James Hollis, we will spend a total of 6 years of our lives dreaming.  So, why would we not be more curious about something we spend so much of our lives doing?  

Woman Sleeping

Why Dreamwork?

"Imagine dreams as currents in an underground stream - a soulstream - flowing beneath the surface of our lives....Each night dream represents our brief descent into the Great Underdream, a dipping of our toes into the soulstream, a briefing on one or two points about the deeper life waiting and longing to be lived." 

Bill Plotkin, Soulcraft 

Even the Scary Ones

Thomas Moore says, "The important thing is not what you do to a dream, but what the dream does to you". Dreams are like unopened letters, addressed to you from your psyche/soul,  even the scary ones. 

With dreamwork, you can discover the hidden invitation woven through your dream. You can discover parts of yourself, places that need healing, and opportunities for growth that you might not discover any other way. 

The dreamwork I offer, invites you to re-visit your dream, discovering the treasures it holds for you. Instead of interpreting your dream, you will build a relationship with it and in doing so, be changed by the Mysteries it holds. 

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