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Listening to Our Body

Ways your parts might show up in your body.

  • as chronic tension in your neck and shoulders 

  • lower back pain/tension 

  • breast cancer/cancer

  • auto-immune disease 

  • migraines 

  • tight muscles on sides of legs 

  • tight muscles around spine 

  • any parts of the body used for containment 

  • strained facial muscles 

  • sad eyes

  • pelvic bowl and hip issues

  • 'dowager' hump

  • tight or sunken chest 

  • lack of emotions or suppressing of emotions causing chronic tension

"It was in relationship to melanoma that the notion of a type "c" personality was first proposed, a combination of character traits more likely to be found in those who develop cancer than in people who remain free of it.....Type "c" personalities have been described as 'extremely co-operative, patient, passive, lacking assertiveness and accepting...the type "c" individual, in our view, suppresses or represses 'negative' emotions, particularly anger, while struggling to maintain a strong and happy facade." 

Dr. Gabor Mate

When the Body Says No 


So What Do We Do? 

We learn to listen to our body and a hands on bodywork session can help you

  • find areas in your body that need healing

  • feel supported as you uncover difficult emotions and memories

  • focus on areas that need your attention

  • provide safety and pacing so you don't get overwhelmed

  • discern what your body might be saying

  • dissolve areas of tension by connecting them to childhood trauma and story

  • resource yourself, increasing your access to wholeness, what is RIGHT with you

  • release what is no longer necessary

  • connect deeply to yourself and to what you carry and why you carry it

  • learn to love yourself

  • come HOME to YOURSELF

"It's where we don't live that the dying comes". 

Eve Ensler

The Vagina Monologues 

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