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You've Come to the Right Place

  • you will discover your co-dependent patterns (we all have them)

  • you will learn to be OKAY WITH DISCOMFORT, your own and others'

  • you will learn what you are ACTUALLY FEELING and be able to track it in your own BODY and act on what you feel

  • you will STOP MANAGING other people's emotions

  • you will get in touch with your ANGER

  • you will know true SELF-COMPASSION

  • you will RESPOND to life instead of REACTING to it 

  • you will stop BETRAYING your self in order to get your needs met

  • you will give yourself permission to have the life you actually want and to discover what that actually is

  • your life will have more COLOUR, RICHNESS, ALIVENESS and VITALITY

  • you will discover what brings YOU ALIVE, WHO YOU ARE, and what YOU LOVE and LONG FOR, aka YOUR HEART

  • you will have the COURAGE to live your beautiful, authentic self into the world, with your 'parts', such as our good girl/boy,  as part of you but not in charge

  • you will learn to say no and to survive others being angry with you, you will, I promise


Key Trainings, Skills, and Interests 

  • Level 4 Intern, Rosen Method Bodywork, Trauma Informed 

  • Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, RCST, Trauma Informed 

  • Level 3 Wild Mind Guide with Animas Valley Institute 2012-2022, Trauma Informed 

  • Eco-Spiritual Director With Seminary of the Wild Earth, also a Guide on their 2 year Eco-Spiritual Direction Training Program

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy, IFS Trained

  • IFS Direct Access Training

  • IFS Training, 6 month IFS Circle

  • Emotions Educator with The Change Triangle February 2022

  • Dream Work Training 2019

  • Shadow Work Training 2020

  • Distance Healing From the Core 2021

  • Healing From the Core 2021

  • Healing the Pelvic Core 2021

  • Wild Mind Training 2018

  • Animas Mirror Training 2018

  • Soul Work Training with Animas Valley Institute, 2012-present

  • Independent Study in the areas of Jungian Depth Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi, and Trauma Informed Bodywork. 

  • Influenced by the works of James Hollis, James Hillman, Marion Woodman, Robert A. Johnson, Robert Augustus Masters, Gabor Mate, Stephen Porges, Bill Plotkin, Bessel Van Der Kolk, Suzanne Scurlock, John Upledger, Marion Rosen, Richard Rohr, James Finley, Hillary Jacobs Hendel, Rilke, John O'Donohue, David Whyte, Mary Oliver and others.

  • On the personal front, I am a mom with 6 amazing, adult kids that I home-schooled, 3 grand kids, pets, was married for 31 years, adopted as an infant, abused, part of the purity movement and more. I offer healing because I've had to heal too. 


I would be honored to support you on your journey of healing, from one who is stuck in various self-limiting roles, to becoming authentically you. 


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