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I weave parts therapy and bodywork into all my sessions. AND, you can book a session with a specific focus. If you haven't tried a hands on session, I encourage you to try. Having the support of another in the form of presence and non-invasive touch is a transformative experience. This will help you dive into your chronic pain, tension, auto-immune conditions, body breakdown, dissociation due to trauma, and other physical issues.

Similarly, in an online session, we can focus on parts as well as where those parts are showing up as physical symptoms in your body. We will focus on building access to your Wholeness and from there, healing your fragments/sub-personalities like your inner critic, wounded child, escapist and shadow figures. This will help you with codependency, low self esteem, anxiety, depression, a fierce inner critic, avoidance techniques (addictions etc), anger, shame, fear, no emotional expression, lethargy etc.

If you have been doing some work and would like to know how you can take your inner work into the wild, book an out door session. Through the use of 4 direction circles, ceremony, wanders, wild conversations and presence, you will discover your place in the wild world and how the world supports the discovery of your true self.

  In Soul centric dream work, you will discover how your soul is trying to speak to you every night of your life. The Jungian, James Hollis says that if we add up our dream time over our lives, an average of 6 years will have been spent dreaming. It's time to pay attention to what the Dream Maker is trying to tell you. Dreams and the stories they contain are unique to you and have the power to heal and transform your life.

Please Contact me for discounted session rates available when you commit to more than one session . I hope to make healing affordable and at a price that works for both of us. There is also a $5 charge per session for PayPal, should you require that service.  

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